Secret Circles

Stenzhorn’s new Secret Circles collection symbolizes the ties that bind the two most essential circles of human life together; family and friends. The power of the pendant’s outer circle is complete and united and, on the inside, unforeseen events on life’s journey are kept hidden as secrets until the way of the world reveals them to us.

The Founder's Note

Emotions tie us to our nearest and dearest, encircled with love that interconnects other circles. Our family links and social relationships are keys to unlocking happiness, and the invisible bonds of love take many forms. The shape of Secret Circles symbolise six different words for love defined by the Ancient Greeks.

From long standing love, ‘Pragma’, to deep friendship, ‘Philia’, knowing different types of love can change your life for the better. The stories we create with our family and friends can take surprising twists and turns. Their ups and downs can break or make your happiness.