Table clock with jumping hour
the Mystery clock

The special feature of this timepiece lies in its transparent dial without a central pointer, which makes the hour and minute displays appear so mysterious.

A floating 1.5ct pear-shaped diamond continuously rotates to indicate the hours, while exquisite amethysts mark the 12-hour positions on the bezel. The minute display guarantees precise time measurement, with the minute hand returning to zero after 60 minutes have been reached.

Above the bezel, a day and night display alternately shows the rising and setting sun and moon, perfectly synchronised with the hour display. This extraordinary table clock is a testament to unparalleled watchmaking art that pushes the boundaries of watch physics.

Crafted from exceptionally rare columns of rock crystal and set upon a rock crystal base, this exquisite piece is meticulously adorned with 23.78 carats of diamonds, lapis lazuli, moonstone, and 18-karat
gold elements, all elegantly encased in titanium. Weighing around 5kg, the masterpiece is operated via a single, discreetly placed button on the back, ensuring effortless operation without compromising on aesthetics.

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